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Across Europe, Ministries of Education and other providers of educational content are now offering a wide-range of catalogues and large repositories of online learning resources to schools. However, as the number of resources in these repositories continues to expand, educational budgets are struggling to cope with the increasing demand for better quality metadata that will enable teachers and learners to quickly and easily find the specific learning materials they need.



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The MELT project has been specifically designed to address this issue by:

  • Enhancing the precision of the metadata applied to educational content
  • Helping educational content providers meet the growing challenge of volume metadata creation.

The MELT Approach
MELT (a Metadata Ecology for Learning and Teaching) is a 27-month Content Enrichment project supported by the European Commission’s eContentplus Programme. Starting in October 2006, it brings together 17 public and private sector content partners. The project’s coordinator is European Schoolnet (EUN), a unique non-profit consortium of 28 Ministries of Education in Europe, which provides major European education portals for teaching, learning and collaboration and which leads the way in bringing about change in schooling through the use of new technology.

A key aim in MELT is particularly to enrich educational content with metadata that reflects the actual use of each resource by teachers and pupils in a variety of learning contexts.
The MELT project is also designed to both raise the awareness of teachers across Europe on the need for accurate tagging of resources and to provide a user-friendly system that motivates teachers to quickly and easily add metadata to resources that they have both used and created.