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Automatic Metadata Generation

The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven/ ARIADNE Foundation is a partner in the MELT project. One of the lessons that the ARIADNE Foundation has learned is that it is important to "make everything disappear but the benefits"; for example, through employing new automatic metadata generation techniques, it is possible to significantly remove the need for users to fill in electronic metadata forms, which is essential if we want to be able to find metadata solutions that are cost-effective and can be taken to scale.

Moreover, work carried out in ARIADNE demonstrates that it is essential to rely on a middleware layer of components that, in turn, rely on standardized protocols and formats to create a global network of educational content repositories, as this is the only way to make all content available to everyone anywhere.

The MELT project will deploy these new automatic generation techniques and frameworks in order to augment the work of experienced indexers and to further enrich a significant quantity of MELT content.