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 Final report 

MELT final reportMELT final review report: reviewers "urge the consortium to continue its excellent work which they consider an undoubted success"

At the end of June 2009, the MELT educational content enrichment project, co-ordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN), received the final review report from the European Commission. The independent reviewers for the Commission's eContentplus programme had already complimented the MELT consortium on its achievements at the intermediate review stage. In their report at the end of the project (March 2009), the reviewers were equally impressed and viewed the re-design of the portal in response to user feedback as "excellent" and an example of good practice.

In particular, they remarked on the level of impact on standards, especially with regard to the IEEE Learning Object Metadata (LOM) standard. They also commented favourably on the provision of open educational resources created under Creative Commons Licences and the work carried out related to automatic metadata generation. Congratulations were also extended to the MELT team for the excellent approach to evaluation and the consistently high quality of writing of the deliverables.

While appreciating that MELT was breaking new ground and that the social tagging of resources by teachers was at an early stage, reviewers commented that “there are also important and innovative findings on the new ecology of metadata which deserve even wider dissemination.”

Although the MELT project has come to an end, the work continues in making it easier for schools to locate and use learning resources that ‘travel well’. MELT was a key project in helping European Schoolnet to launch a Learning Resource Exchange service for schools in December 2008. The EUN ASPECT project is also currently building on MELT results and helping to develop best practice related to the development and distribution of educational content.

In response to the MELT Final Review Report, Marc Durando, Executive Director of  European Schoolnet said:

"Both the CALIBRATE and MELT projects have received very positive reviews and work in these projects has enabled EUN and its supporting Ministries of Education to launch a publicly available Learning Resource Exchange service for schools offering over 130,000 open learning resources and assets.

We thank the European Commission for their support in helping to fund these projects and look forward to further developing the LRE in 2009 to include user-generated content, new pedagogical support materials and communities of practice for teachers.”

The final word though goes to the MELT reviewers who said:

“The impact of this project has exceeded expectations and the Reviewers wish it every continued success.”


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