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 MELT at EMINENT 2008 

Building a European Learning Resource Exchange: MELT presentations at EMINENT 2008

win!The work of the MELT project was presented in two workshops during the 2008 EMINENT conference to a combined audience of nearly 70 delegates. As well as highlighting how Associate Partners in the Learning Resource Exchange could benefit from MELT social tagging tools and the project's work on automatic metadata generation/translation, delegates also had a presentation from Riina Vuorikari at European Schoolnet who has been analysing initial results from an evaluation of teacher-created tags.

As part of this exercise, experienced indexers in the project have recently started to provide feedback on the utility of the social tags that teachers are adding to MELT learning resources. The early results indicate that the most popular tags added by teachers are indeed useful and, in some cases, may even be more useful than the thesaurus terms used by expert indexers that can be used to describe MELT resources. A more comprehensive review of this work plus the findings from the main MELT project evaluation exercise will be available in February/March 2009.

The EMINENT sessions also included an examination of how new LRE content partners can exploit the MELT federated technical architecture and how there are a number of ways for users of connected repositories to search for resources. Of particular interest here was a presentation by Mike O'Byrne ( who demonstrated how Irish schools can now search for resources in the LRE from within their own national portal, with LRE results being displayed alongside those from the national repository. EUN provided the necessary technical support to enable Scoilnet to be able to offer this feature and it is expected that other LRE partners will wish to adopt this strategy in 2009.