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 MELT kick-off meeting in Brussels 

On 12 and 13 October 2006, about 40 people gathered in Brussels for the kick-off meeting of the MELT project. MELT is project of the eContentplus programme bringing together 19 partners from 14 countries, including 16 content providers, both public and commercial ones.

MELT aims at creating better access to open learning resources across Europe. Project partners will work for 27 months to enriched learning resources with metadata in order to enhance their discovery and reuse on the European level.

Kicking the project off
In the two-day kick-off meeting project, partners were thoroughly introduced into the project tasks, future planning of the work, as well as about the administrative tasks. The new Executive Director of European Schoolnet (project leader), Marc Durando, welcomed the project partners from different European countries. He reminded them of the long tradition that some of the partners in the project have working with learning resources, their discovery and reuse in the European Educational scene.
Following, the professor Erik Duval from KULeuven, the other major technological partner in MELT, talked about the technology of open learning with the title of "I still haven't found what I'm looking for".

MELT project partners in the kick-off meeting

The meeting continued with the introduction to key technologies from federating repositories to IPR approaches such as creative commons. Each work package got a chance to plan the first part of the work and discuss common synergies and challenges for the upcoming two years.