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 Summer school 

Mechelen summer school Mechelen, Belgium, June 2008.

The former capital of the Low Countries was the meeting point of teachers and others involved in the MELT project for their summer school.

Its aims were to bring together the different groups that have been working on the MELT project: a first focus group of expert teachers, a second pilot group of practitioners from schools who have been using the Melt portal in their work and the evaluators and leaders of the project. They came to share their experiences and evaluate the work so far so that their feedback can be used to improve the system.

The summer school welcomed participants from Austria, Estonia, Finland, Flanders, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. They met at the Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen (Mechelen University College) and were welcomed by the burgomaster of Mechelen, Bart Somers. Outside of the work on the project, they also visited Technopolis, the unique technology educational museum of Flanders in Mechelen and were treated to a Flemish night at ‘t Arsenaal.