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 Using social tags for finding learning resources 

In February 2009, the MELT portal contained 2,008 tagged resources and a total of 10,131 tags. The Final Evaluation report suggests that social tags are a useful instrument for describing a resource and understanding what it is about but, at present, tags are less used by teachers for finding learning resources.

Frequency of search types

Frequency of search types

However, this is not a final conclusion as a number of suggestions have been made for how we can make it easier for teachers to exploit tags for retrieval purposes. They include:

  • More specific tag clouds in terms of language, country, and theme (e.g. a tag cloud pertaining to mathematics).
  • Combining tags in the search. For example the tag “English” might be relevant in combination with the tag “grammar” and “exercise”, but none of those three tags is specific enough for finding grammar exercises in English.
  • Other uses of tags based on affinities such as highlighting similar learning resources.

As a result, more specific tag clouds in terms of language and country have been implemented in the MELT/LRE portal at the end of the project and more improvements are planned.