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 Teacher videos 

Watch the videos below which feature teachers talking about the MELT Learning Resource Exchange portal.

A teacher describes what he's found whilst testing the MELT LRE portal

Arto, Finland.
"In Chemistry, I found some really good, stimulating Learning Objects"

A teacher describes the features and use of the MELT LRE portal

Maria, Austria.
"You can type in a keyword and find some learning resources."

A teacher describes what the MELT LRE portal can offer

Leo, Flanders.
"It's an online supermarket of Learning Resources."

A teacher coordinator describes what a bigger group of teacher testers could show about the use of the MELT LRE portal

Yrjo, Finland.
"A much larger group of teachers would show what people think about the Learning Objects and how they have been using them."


A MELT Associate Partner talks about Open Educational Resources (OER)

Lisa, USA.

"It's so important to work across borders."

A teacher describes why he chose one resource and why he tags the resources he finds

Geza, Hungary.
"Tagging is good for me and good for others."


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